Extra Ordinary Barry

Silver Screen Game
Quick start for two or more players. First, divide the players into two or more teams. There are four categories. Each category has three cues. The players as a group should decide what each cue will be and the cues should be shared with all players and committed to memory


The cues include:
Movie Prop 1-3     Shot Out 1-3 
Sound Effect 1-3   Body Position 1-3

Additional cues include:
Bonus       Power Match       Super Play
When a category cue and number 1 - 3 pops up, the team that is up should play the cue assigned before the play began, play should then progress systematically, clockwise within each team and consistently progressing clockwise among teams. Only one player should play at a time.
If a Bonus cue is displayed, the player that is up should play the previously played cue.
If Power Match cue is displayed, the player that is up should perform the cue played three players prior.
If the Super Play is displayed the player that is up should predict what the next cue will be and perform it.


Place a pile of toothpicks into the center of the teams. When a cue is displayed and the player performs the cue correctly then he/she then picks up one toothpick from the center. If the cue is performed incorrectly then the player does not collect a toothpick. Each toothpick has a value of one point.
Also place a deck of playing cards into the center of the teams next to the toothpicks. Assign a numerical value to each card. When a Bonus cue is performed correctly the player collects a card. When a Power Match cue is performed correctly then a card can be collected from the deck or the player may take all of the card from the player that he/she just repeated.
When a Super Play cue is performed correctly, one card can be collected from the deck or all of the cards from any other player in the game maybe be collected.
There are act out sequences. A player in each team should take turns completing an act out. The act outs are lettered by consonants B through Z. Each player will vote via secret ballot on who gave the "Best Act Out Performance" for this motion picture at the end of play. The team with the best single player performance gains 15 additional points.
Add up all the points from the playing cards, the toothpicks and the best act out performance and the team with the most points wins.

Advanced Play:

All the teams create a secret ballot for the worst acting performance and deduct 10 points from the team the player is on who is awarded the prize. A best dressed award should go for the player who is most fashionably dresses during play. The dressed awards should be filled out by secret ballot. The team that player is on should gain 10 points.

If the player sings along during the sing along, act out, then that team should be awarded an additional 5 points for the sing along. Each player on each team that is dressed like a character in the film should automatically be given an additional 4 points for play spirit.

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